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15 Flat Cowboy Poetry

Tied to the side of an old horse trailer,
In the rodeo arena's parking lot,
Was a well groomed ladies Barrel horse,
With it's owner deep in thought !

Her mind should be on turning barrels,
Not filled with confusion, and with fright.
She just couldn't stop re-living,
The dreaded time she spent last night.

Her boyfriend had informed her,
It was time to make a choice,
To be with him on Sunday mornings,
Or going to hear her Pastor's voice.

She'd just started going to church,
Not sure if she'd enjoy it,
but since she did, she didn't want,
someone to destroy it.

She loved going to her little church,
but she loved her boyfriend too,
she was searching for an answer,
she just didn't know what to do.

She started warming up her horse,
but her heart just wasn't in it,
getting ready for a barrel run,
they'd call her name in just a minute.

It seemingly didn't matter,
She hadn't won once this whole year,
Something was always going wrong,
She couldn't keep her mind real clear.

And once again as always,
She'd start with no smile upon her face,
A lonely teenage cowgirl,
In a blouse with frilly lace.



As she neared her turn to ride,
She asked out loud in desperate prayer,
Oh LORD, help me find the answer,
Is there anyone out there?

As her name was called she found herself,
Full tilt at barrel number one,
She never fully realized,
The different way her horse would run.

There's something different about this ride,
Her mind is clear and feeling free,
She speeds around the second barrel,
And heads for number three!

A quiet voice comes to her ear,
“I'll ride with you throughout your life,
and with me, my little cowgirl,
you'll no longer feel the strife!”.

The third barrel seems so close,
Her leg rocks it side to side,
But she has no time to see if it falls,
Just finish out the ride!

The voice said “keep your faith in me,
I'll hold up a few barrels just for you,
Let me ride into your life,
And together we'll see what we can do!”

She spurred across the finish line,
A smile upon her face,
Our lovely teenage cowgirl,
In her blouse of frilly lace!

Now I know that you're all dying to hear,
How our cowgirl did that night!
Did the barrel fall or stay up?
Did everything turn out all right?

Well, fifteen flat and no penalties,
Is what the announcer had to say,
And listen to what our cowgirl did,
Just the very next day!

On the back of that Trophy Buckle,
she had engraved in capital letters,





  ©  Cowboy Poetry By Ralph Moore

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