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Jesus and My Horse Title

Jesus and My HorseIf I had to make a choice

‘tween Jesus, an’ my horse,

it wouldn’t be so easy—

I love ‘em both, of course.

I couldn’t call it even

with Jesus—my provider,

an’ that ol’ horse, I dearly love,

‘cause I simply need to ride ‘er.

It wouldn’t seem quite usual,

I couldn’t call it fair,

to put Jesus up against

a straggle-toothed ol’ mare.

But, I think it’s somethin’ deeper

I’m tryin’ here to tell,

‘bout when I get to thinkin’

‘bout the heavens, an’ ‘bout hell.

No, I ain’t discussin’

the two I now compare—

Jesus, my redeemer,

an’ that doggone, mangy mare.

Ya see I love ‘em equal

for what they give to me—

loyalty, forgiveness,

things I can’t always see.

My ol’ horse, she nuzzles me

to let me know she’s there,

just like Jesus does with me,

tho’ I might not be aware.

He shows up in a sunset

as I sit astride ol’ Lu,

an’ appears down in a thicket

when I’m caught an’ can’t get thru’.

An’ in them silent moments

layin’ ‘neath bright, shiny stars—

He kinda makes us fellers

stop ‘n figure who we are.

The beauty of a meadow

fresh with mornin’ dew,

makes ya think of Jesus

an’ what he’s done for you.

It’s good He tweaks my memory

of places where I’ve prayed,

an’ reminds me in a rainbow

of the flood He sent away.

My Horse
He gave us all the bible—

from Angel’s lips divine,

to keep us from our sinnin’,

an’ save your soul ‘n mine.

No, Jesus won’t desert you,

He’s like my faithful mare,

beside you when ya need Him,

in everything we bear.

So don’t be quick to judge me

sayin’ our Lord is like Lu,

‘cause Jesus gets my meanin’—

He knows my heart is true.


Jesus and My Horse written by Tamara Hillman ©2012.

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