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Cowboy Poetry by Tamara

Best of the Old West

Best of the Old West
Tamara Hillman

If you are longing for those heroes of the Old West who could lasso a stallion, bulldog a hefter, ride herd night an' day, tell the biggest lies 'round a campfire, charm the ladies, an' who you would trust with your very life, well, this is the book for you!

In this new cowboy poetry book,I have written on several subjects in Cowboy poetry form. Included in these pages are also Country poems,
Political cowboy poems, and even a few of my favorite Christmas poems.

There's fun and hardship, truth and tall tales on  all 230 pages.

Excerpts from:

"Best of the Old West"
"The Heart of Me"

Best of the Old West

Eyein' the Bull

Dad's Boots

The Heart of Me

The Dance

Old White Chest

The Heart of Me

The Heart of Me
Tamara Hillman

It took ten years to gather enough poetry I'd written outside my usual genre' of cowboy poetry to complete this book which I am proud to introduce....But don't think it's a book of meaningless words that constitute some weird, out-there poems. Remember, I am country from the top of my frazzled, curly head to the bottom of my usually bare feet! These poems tell a story much like my cowboy poems do. You will relate to my own life experiences, and also imaginary characters and tales in these 133 pages.

Poetry Book Prices

Onebook.....$10.00 plus,
$2.85 ship....Total=$12.85
  One book.....$10.00 plus,
$2.85 ship....Total=$12.85

Country Book

Tamara Hillman


This book is just what the title implies, PURE COUNTRY, reminiscent poetry and prose. It is a bit gentler in rhyme than cowboy poetry in so much as it lacks the lingo, but keeps its country charm from first page till last.
To those raised in the country, this book will take you down memory lane, and to those raised elsewhere, it will give you a true feel for country life…
(60 pages)

Samples from Dusty Trails and Pure Country Books Below.

Pure Country Book

at Country Whispers, look for the, Old Porch Swing page.

and Granny Milked the Cows, on Country Whispers.

October Mist

Dusty Trails Book

Jasper Meets His Maker



Dusty Trails Book

Cowboy Poetry

Tamara Hillman


This book is a true rendition of the hardscrabble life of cowboys.
The lingo and tales are a view from the saddle that describe cowboys and their work in every way.
Weather, snakes, stampedes, and rodeos will all capture your interest and the heart of these courageous men.
If you are a real cowboy or cowgirl, this is the book for you, and for those who know a real cowboy or girl, it would make a wonderful gift…. (75 pages)

Poetry Book Prices

One book.....$5.00 plus,
$1.00 ship....Total=$6.00
  One book.....$5.00 plus,
 $1.00 shpg....Total $6.00

Heroes & Villains
of the

Old West
Tamara Hillman
is made up of true life stories in poetry form, of American heroes we all are familiar with since our childhoods among both whites and Indians who helped settle the western frontier.
There also is an "Unsung Heroes" section in the book telling stories of people who have been heroes clear into the early twentieth century....... 170 pages (Great read for ages 8 to 98.)

Photo by Shirley Lbara

About the Author

Tamara Hillman was born and raised in a small eastern Washington town, and though she moved to a more urban area in her late twenties, her fondest memories remain of living in the country, and of the hardworking, generous people in rural areas.
She has written many articles for COUNTRY, REMINISCE, and N.W. RETIREMENT magazines, and often recites her poetry on country radio stations.
A number of poems have been published on cowboy websites and in special edition papers.
Her goal is to continue writing western books and country/cowboy poetry…

BS Scruggs

Tamara Hillman
is a contemporary western novel full of gut bustin' fun riding along with Bull Scruggs in his jalopy, Ol' Betsy, as he tries to teach Paul Cooper, (a Hollywood mogul), the ways of the west after Paul gets stranded in a dusty little town called Cobalt, Texas...... 195 pages (Some mild expletives)

Enjoy reading chapter one of Tamara's New Book
Tales of BS Scruggs

Storybook Prices

One book.....$8.00 plus,
 $2.50 ship....Total $10.50
  One book.....$8.00 plus,
 $2.50 ship....Total $10.50

To purchase, with Money Orders use the totals above.
Residents of Washington state must pay 8.3 sales tax in addition  (Sorry!)

Send To:
Tamara Hillman
13310 W,Castle Rock Dr.
Sun City West, AZ. 85375

Age 64 (BD....Nov. 27th, 1945) God, I'm old!

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