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I thought about it careful like
and it seems quite plain to me.
even a lousy mug of coffee
beats any old cup of tea.

With a hunk of any beefsteak
the same logic will hold true,
far surpasses any soy specimen
they comically call tofu.

And when it comes to workin' cows
a quarterhorse is the right pony,
'Cause even the most stubborn of them
outworks any other phony.

If stockherdin' is your business, son,
I'll tell you what to do,
buy some steers, or cows and calves,
them sheep ain't right for you.

And when it comes to pickin' a wife
and how to choose one from the other,
I reckon you can't go far wrong
if you find one like your mother.

Now when you're out there on your own
you can live anywhere you please,
as long as it's within three miles,
got lots of water and some trees.

Someday you'll have kids of your own
and a yard littered up with toys,
the number , of course, is up to you
I like two girls and two boys.

Jist one last piece of advice, son
more important than all the rest:
Don't get too bossy with your kids
 I've found that is the best!

Poetry by Stephen Bly


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