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"COWBOY UP" by - Bo Boggess Cowboy Poetry

I think about this term, and what it's all about?
Well it's reaching deep inside when your wife has turned you out.
It's gettin' bucked off every bull  that you've seen;
Going hungry, and telling yourself "I'm not starvin', just lean".


It's watching your friends go to the county fair;
And staying behind, cuz the fence is in need of repair.
It's knowing what's wrong, and doing what's right;
Though it means you're going home alone tonite.


It's what makes a cowboy tell it straight;
It's being in pain, and calling your gate.
It's having nothing, yet having it all;
It's brushing off the dust and knowing how to fall.


It's a spirit tried and true;
Like a guardian angel, it'll see you through.
So when you're down and things look rough;
Look deep within yourself, and


Cowboy up, written by, Bo Boggess.

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