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Song Of The Canyon Title

I live deep within
Steep canyon walls,
That cradle sparkling creeks,

When I walk the ridge,
Early in the day
I keep company With, squirrel, fox and deer.
The Eagle soars down the canyon
As the morning sun spreads her
stream of light.

I stand high above the Creek

A song
sending itself
Into my awareness.
I wait.
Far down the canyon,
It begins.

A sound of rushing water.

From miles away, the sound holds me.

Far in the distance the water is rushing
the rocks are moving...

The Wind!
Is the song I hear.

It comes...
Up the canyon.

Sweeping along,
Sight and sound merging.

The Canyon Orchestra,
Plays just for me.

Loud the song of wind,
Swirling around and through me,

Coming up the canyon.
Fading into the distance.

I stand alone
Humbled by the moment,

To catch, The Song of the Canyon.

Art work for "Song Of The Canyon"
courtesy of Michael Cox.

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