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Cap and Old Dreamer


Caps Chaps

Now Cap was a cowboy, A top hand most would say--
He worked the circuit coast to coast,
That is were he got his pay--
It was down in Houston at the state fair and  rodeo--
That is when Cap drew old Dreamer,
The toughest horse ever put in a show--

It was the very last night that the battle began--
He just looked at Dreamer and said Hoss,
You know we ain't friends--
He put on his saddle making sure it was real tight--
He eased down in the saddle and measured the rein just right--

Then he called for the gate,
Cap was ready for a fight--
And so were we that Saturday night--
His spurs were above the point of his shoulders,
When Dreamer blew out of that chute--

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He Had Marked Dreamer Out Now He Was Going to Ride That Brut--

From Dreamer's Neck to The Canal of The Saddle Cap Spurred That Old Cayuse--

Dreamer Tried Everything He Knew to Shake That Cowboy Loose--

Dreamer Would Dive to The Left and Then to The Right--

But Cap Was Right With Him Boy He Was Sticking Tight--

Dreamer Would Pitch , Kick and Sunfish All at The Very Same Time--

Yet Cap Was There With Toes Turned Out a Looking Mighty fine--

Then Dreamer Squalled, Bawled, Spun, Then Jumped High in The Air--

All Us Cowboys Looked at Each Other as If To Say Man That Ain't Really Fair--

Six Seconds Gone Cap Just Had Two Seconds to Go--

When it Happen Down in Texas, At The Houston Rodeo--

When Dreamer Hit The Ground , The Crowed Gave Out a Cheer--

But Cap Had Blew a Stirrup and He Knew That The End Was Near--

He Came Off and Hit The Ground Knowing He Had Messed Up Good This Time--

But Then Cap Came Back Behind The Chutes and Said ;
If I Draw Him at Denver, I Know He's mine--

Now Cap Thinks That He Can Ride Old Dreamer Just About Any Day--

Now Ya'll Listen Up, I Have Just One Little Old Thing to Say--

Why Do You Think They Call That Old Hoss DREAMER Anyway--

By: ~ © Don Helms ~

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