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Thanks From Cow Camp by Steve Cloud

Cowboy Boots

It had been a long day

For the drovers by the fire

Some were bedded down

Others were starting to tire

Buck poured some coffee

And took a walk to think about the day

The flickering embers of the fire

Were softly lighting his way

He stopped not far from camp

Beside a big oak tree

There he removed his hat

And solemnly took a knee

Take a knee at the Big Oak Tree

As he looked to the stars in the sky

He Said “ LORD It’s been a mighty long day “

I would like to visit with you a while

There’s some things I would like to say

I want to thank you SIR

For creating this beautiful land

The creeks and rivers

And the cows that wear my brand

Cow Camp Baby

Thank YOU for the stars at night

And the sun that warms the day

Thank YOU for the rain that comes

And washes the dust away

But most of all I thank YOU

For my good woman back home

And these wide open spaces

YOU’VE allowed me to roam

I guess I’ve said enough for tonight

It’s time to go get some sleep

I just ask that YOU watch over us

And all our souls YOU keep

Cow Camp Baby

Steve Cloud

Copyright 1999

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