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  Cowboy Poet by Joel T. Bailey  

The cowboy poet tells his stories
With verse and rhyme
About the western way of life
In a by gone time

RJ riding Shania

Poem's about the cattle drives
With long days and nights
The celabrations at trails end
With booze and bar room fights

The old time bronc busters
And the bad ones they've rode
The broken bones and bruises
From the times they were throwed

Two Horses from Texas
The many legendary outlaws
Men who were quick on the draw
And robber's of banks and trains
Staying a step ahead of the law

How the pretty dance hall girls
Who worked in the local bars
Gave cowboy's someone to dream of
While sleeping beneath the stars

Fairy on a run

There were many exciting times
In the West back then
And most have been recorded
By the cowboy poet's pen

Joel T. Bailey


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