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Grandpa's Old Saddle

Back when I was a kid
Grandpa would set me astraddle
His most prized posession
An old Texas saddle.

Grandpa and MeHe'd cinch it down real tight
And I'd ride for awhile
Just knowing that I loved it
Always made him smile.

He told me many times
About his days working cattle
And the horses that had been
Under his old saddle.

He'd talk about the old days
And his chest would always swell
He'd say if this saddle could talk
The tales it could tell.

He'd put his arm around me
And say son one day I'll be gone
Then this old saddle will be yours
To call your very own.

Now theres a special place
Down at the end of the hall
Where Grandpa's old saddle
Hangs on the wall.

by Joel T. Bailey

Grandpa's Old Saddle

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