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Nik's Horse Fairy

He was fast and sleek,
strong as a bull,
could cut a calf out—
give my rope a pull.

With leg commands,
he did his work—
stretched that lariat
tight with a jerk.

Horse Named Pie Rodeoin

Whether rodeoin’,
or back at the ranch,
he knew the job—
left nothin’ to chance.

He an my dog
would round cattle up—
they’d worked together
since Blue was a pup.

In dust or snowstorm,
he knew his way
no matter the wind,
or black clouds at midday.

Fluid ‘neath the saddle,
kept a perfect gait,
reflexes so quick,
he never cut late.

Bulls didn’t scare him
lowerin’ their head.
Pie’d run right at ‘em,
without fear nor dread.

But, with me, that horse
was just plain tame,
‘cross pasture he’d come runnin’
when I’d shout his name.

Sometimes I wondered,
“Was I really needed?”
‘cause on Pie’s back,
his moves I heeded.

Yep, I sure loved him,
I ain’t gonna lie—
there never was a critter
like my horse, Pie.

Fairy running

Tamara Hillman ©2010

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