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Grew up a country bumpkin,
known the freedom that entails.
Worked hard to make a liviní,
walked down some dusty trails.
Ma and Pa was rough on me,
said it was for my good,
but I lit out real early
just to prove to them I could.

Did some drinkiní in my early days
and had a wife or two,
but now I just got my olí horse
and an ornery dog named Blue.
Iíve lived the life I wanted
and done most everí thing,
have few regrets or heartaches
so I really cainít complain.

The skyís my roof above me
and a camp fire keeps me warm.
My bed is straw and saddlebags
and my bath, a country storm.
Drink water from the rivers clear,
that fill from creek and stream.
Eat jerky, hard tack biscuits,
and drink coffee without cream.

Ainít no call for cussiní
ĎCause no ones Ďround to hear.
My temper done got simmered
and replaced with dad-blame fear.
My hair is gettiní gray now,
bones creak more everí day,
but I can still punch cattle,
brand them doggies, and buck hay.

If I should die tomorrow
Iíll be glad to meet that train,
for Godís seen fit in all His grace
to let me have the reins.
Iíll ride them clouds in heaven
and sleep in if I please.
Iíll praise my God before me
as I get down on my knees.
All my troubles will be over
wonít even mind the rain,
Ďcause Godíll keep me sheltered
from all this earthly pain.

So, let me never be forgettiní
how grand a life Iíve had,
Ďcause Iíve loved everí minute,
and it sure ainít been that bad!

Poetry by Tamara Hillman Copyright 2001
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