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Old Jasper was a cowboy
who got into a fix.
He tried ever’ thing he knew of,
from his usual bag a tricks.

Ya see he was a workin’
on that fence line, so I'm told
when the wind began ta howlin’,
blowin’ snow, and gettin cold.

He started out ta walkin’
back ta where he tied ol’ Buck,
knowin’ if he made it
it would sure depend on luck.

Nothin’ seemed ta help him
and he then began ta yell
as the wind, it just got stronger
a blowin’ up a gale.

He figured he was failin’
when his feet began ta freeze,
and he found himself collapsin’
endin’ up down on his knees

Well, he commenced ta prayin’
beggin’ God ta please forgive
all the sinnin’ and wrong doin’
in the life that he had lived.

He never heard no answer
as he fell back on his butt,
and he felt quite calm and mellow
when his eyes began ta shut.

They found him in a snowdrift
body frozen to the ground.
His friends had been a frettin’
when he didn’t show in town.

He thought he’d met his maker
and asked Him face ta face
why He hadn’t chose to rescue him
and take him from that place.

God said, “I could have saved you
to live your life again,
but would you appreciate me
and give up that world of sin?”

Jasper hemmed and hawed a bit
and kicked about a cloud,
he knew he couldn’t tell a lie
‘bout a past he wasn’t proud.

A funny thing then happened
as he opened up his eyes,
his pals was gathered ‘round him
sorta sayin’ their goodbyes.

Jasper raised up from his pillow
and then he slowly said,
“Boy, that was a close one,
I thought that I was dead!”

It musta really scar’t him
‘cause he swore right then and there
he’d go ta church each Sunday
and live his life in prayer.

He’d stop all of his drinkin’
and chasin’ gals around,
be forgivin’, and soft spoken,
and seek a Heavenly crown.

He kept his promise from that day
his soul was pure and tame,
knowin’ when he met his maker
he’d greet Him without shame.

He become a country preacher,
on the circuit he would ride
tellin’ folks about his meetin’
with the One he’d now abide.

Ya see he had a mission
ta complete what he’d begun,
testifyin’ and convertin’ folks
with the story of God’s Son.

Jasper never had no family
just his horse and old dog Tip,
and a Bible in his saddlebag
he took on every trip.

He never asked for nothin’,
got a handout now and then,
but I’m sure he stood the tallest
when God counted up REAL men.

He passed away last August
he’s in Heaven now, I’d say.
Forgiven his transgressions,
with the Angels he’ll now stay.

Poetry By - © Tamara Hillman
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