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Of all the ground I’ve covered,
there’s no place I’d rather be,
head restin’ on my saddle bags
out on the lone prairie

Day coolin’ off, refreshin’ like,
wind whistlin’ thru’ the trees,
stirrin’ up a little dust,
leaves rustlin’ in the breeze

My dog stretched out beside me,
a kickin’ in his sleep,
one eye kept half open,
case some evil comes to creep

Coyotes howlin’ in the distance
at moon ‘n stars above,
ol’ Paint a whinnyin’ softly
confirmin’ life I love

Early wakin’ in the mornin’
with sun risin’ in the east,
thankin’ God ya made it thru’
another day, at least

Yep, home is just a state a mind,
don’t matter much to me,
just give me lots a elbow room
out on the, lone prairie…

Poetry by Tamara Hillman - Copyright 2005
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