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Miracle In The Snow by Steve Cloud

Cowboy Angel

Miracle in the Snow
Was a mighty cold night
In the winter of '23
Wern't nobody in the barn
But that old horse and me

He coughed and wheezed
I knew the end was near
I turned my head with eyes closed
To keep from shedding a tear

I thought of the trails we rode
From the high Sierras to the plains far below
That ole horse never balked a trail
He was already to go

Suddenly it got real quiet
A cowboy Angel appeared
He was carrying a saddle
Said he was taking over from here

He told me there are pastures in Heaven
Where all the horses go
Grass is belly deep
It never comes a snow

I must have dozed off
While that Angel was talking to me
When I woke up
That ole horse was gone as gone could be

I don't know If that Angel rode my horse 
To that pasture in the sky
But I hopes he comes back leading a saddled horse
When It comes my time to die

Snowy Barn Scene
Steve Cloud
copyright 1995
Revised 2015

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