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Cowboy's Pickup Truck

Cowboy's Truck

Bug shield.

Belt buckle.

Heavy duty winch.

Custom Concho'd Leather Cinch.

Monster mudders worn crusin' the strip.

Beat up boots with spurs and silver tip.
Cowboy Hat

Grime covered chrome hub caps.

Two tone, full length chaps.

CB Radio, '10-4 base'.

Initialed leather cell phone case.
Cowboy Hat

Western piping front to back.

Horsehair belt to match the tack.

Scratched up fender from Trigger's bit.

Trousers too tight to even sit.
Cowboy Hat

Seat covers made of brown cowhide.

Dingy gray tee shirt worn skin side.

Widows dressed to support the soldiers.

Long sleeves with pearl snap closures.
Cowboy Hat

Slobber from Rover and snot on the dash.

Chained wallet to hold the cash.

Gun rack older than Richard Petty,

Sheathed knife right hip ready.
Cowboy Hat

NASCAR numbers 3, 8 or 20.

Barbed wire tat and scars a plenty.

Empty Bud can rattlin' the bed.

No earrings adorn this head.
Cowboy Hat

Country blaring or southern rap.

Cowboy brim or baseball cap.

Trailer hitch, webbed tailgate catch.

Skoal ring and Wrangler patch.
Cowboy Hat

"Save A Horse' bumper sticker.

Trail bleached, full yoke slicker.

V-8 power hums a song.

Cowboy driver sings along.



Cowboy's Pickup Truck written by Mark Munzert


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