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And The Bear

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The preacher he went a-ridin
On one Saturday morn,
According to this tale as told
He started out in the corn,
He scared up one dozen partridges
On a morning which was so fair,
He got down the road a little further
And spied a big grizzly bear,
Well the bear stood up 
and that horse did buck,
The preacher dropped to his knees,
He got so excited
That he climbed up in the trees!
The parson stayed up in that tree
I think it was all night,
Then he cast his eyes up to the Lord
And these are the words he said,
Oh Lord, didn't you deliver Daniel
From the lion's den?
Also brother Jonah
From the belly of the whale,
And didn't you save multitudes from starving
With a fish and a loaf of bread?
Oh Lord, please my life do spare!
But Lord, if you can't help me,
Please don't help that bear!

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