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Some think a cowboy is suppose to be tall and lean,
good lookin' of course with tight fittn' jeans,
A thin wiry frame with legs slightly bowed,
with his pants tucked inside for his boots to be showed.

He rides a fancy pony if he rides for the cattle,
and atop his steed sets mighty a fancy saddle.
His hat is a Stetson that's creased to his style,
he's got a big silver buckle you can see for a mile.

Oh he struts like a peacock with a bit of a swagger,
talk about ropin' n ridin', he's a bit of a bragger.
Why he could rope the wind if given half a chance,
and steal any lady heart with one handsome glance.

Now I've know some good cowboys who were tall & lean,
but most I have known were not cut to be mean.
Most know the work and are caring endowed,
this leaves little time to strut around proud.

But purdy of course don't make a buckaroo,
and it don't help a bit if yer horse lost a shoe.
And that buckle he bought can't doctor a cow,
and workin' stock, . . . well ya gotta know how.

I know a passel of cowboys and most ain't even cute,
but I sure want them with me when I'm loading the chute.
When workin the stock they don't need to brag,
they're always first to join in when ridin' the drag.

Some are short and stout and some right down fat,
but when it comes to the job that's right where they're at.
Truth is most cowboys don't fit a physical description,
To think they're all tall and good lookin,' is just plain down right fiction.

Now I'm a cowboy who is not real tall or even good lookin',
And most of this round comes from my wife's down home cookin'.
I'm no different from most and I know who I'am,

I'm that cowboy from Idaho who looks like Yosemite Sam!


By, . . . Rudy Gonzales
"Idaho Cowboy Poetry & Western Humorist"
Copyright 1997



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