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Billy the Kid Rides Again

Even the greatest, will eventually find his match in the Bull ridin' arena.

This is the tale of Billy and the wild bull Hercules from Wyoming.

Billy had thought many a time about drawin' and takin' the challenge of ridin' that crazed bull, he'd heard so many stories about.

Billy The Kid Bull Riding

It's a hot September day,
the Rodeo is underway,
The Rodeo Queen comes ridin' out with the American Flag waving it's beautiful stars.

Next the barrel racers and then the team penners are out to test their skills.

The Bull riders will get things heated up a bit.

Billy The Kid Littlest Bull Rider

Billy is up next,
he watches as they bring the bull into the chute...
He takes a deep breathe just before slidin over the rail and onto Hercules.
He can feel the intense strength before even makin' total contact with the bulls body.

Suddenly, without warning there's a flash of fear!
What in the world am I doing here...?
He wonders if he should really go thru with this insane ride...


And not go for the bull, I've waited for years to ride ?
I know I can ride him!
Just yesterday my Father called and told me,
" Son, don't matter who you draw,
you'll ride that bull to the end! "
I've said my prayers and tested my rides!

Billy The Kid Little Bull Riders

As he wraps for the riggin' and sets his weight down on the bulk of Herc, he vaguely hears the announcer as he gives the big call for Hercules and Billy to blast into the arena.

" Cowboy up! "

Billy can hear them all chant.
Hercules is one mad bull as he tries to lose this cowboy.
He turns his head as he throws his rear legs into the air the opposite direction.
Billy is still holdin' on.
Just then the bull gives a dip with the head and kicks up in another direction. Billy feels himself slipping off to one side.
It's not like Billy don't know what it feels like to have his body slam into the ground.
But, this was Herc, and no way did he want to meet his match here.
"I can't lose it now he tells himself, there has to only be 2 or 3 seconds left of this crazed 8 second ride."
Billy begins to feel like a chance is there to finish this ride, when the bull spots the rodeo clown.
Snortin' as he twist, his head and his back end flies up to the sky.
The fury of this bull is now out to get the irritating red object.

Rodeo Clown

Billy can hear among the poundin' of his own heartbeat and the snortin' of the bull the cheering of the crowds as the announcer gives a loud hollerin' hoot!
" Let's hear it Ladies and Gentleman for this cowboy who has beat the clock on the incredible Hercules from Wyoming! "

Even the greatest will eventually find his match in the Bull ridin' arena.
This time it was the bull who found his match.

Billy the Kid!

Jeanne Strahl

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