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Rocky Mountain shadows
     can play tricks upon your eyes.
When you toss and turn in your bedroll
     then wake up in deep surprise.

With a snarlin' thirty foot grizzly bear
     a hoverin' overhead.
And your boots puddlin' up with sweat,
     and you're wishin you was dead.

You say your prayers,  rub your eyes,
     then look up in the trees.
And discover it was nothin' more,
     than a cedar in the breeze.

Why, I've seen cougars as big as hog sheds
     turn to boulders at daylight.
And junipers dancin' like demons,
     that set my soul to fright.

But the Rocky Mountain shadows
     That I never can forget.
Happened on a summer's eve
     with clouds just half-moon lit.

I woke to a giant Senorita,
     Dancin' way up high above.
Her dark eyes winked like twinklin' stars,
     and  I knew I was in love.

Each move so enchanted, yet so coy,
     there was nothin' I could say,
So I stared up at her quite transfixed,
     'til the dawn whisked her away.

Rocky Mountain shadows
     ain't always frightful doom.
I still wake up in the dark of night
     and can smell her sweet perfume.


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