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Rodeo Clown Here We Go To The Rodeo

Here we go, to the rodeo,
For a rousing, rollicking time.
To drink a beer, and give a cheer
For the go-rounds fastest time.

Littlest Cowboy Rides

Cheer the spills, and all the thrills,
Of the bucking horse, and bull.
Join the throaty roar, that beats down o'er
The arena, from the bleachers full.

There's the crushing hush, the heady rush,
For a bull rider that is down,
Then comes relief, saved from grief,
He's snatched from harm by the clown.

We'll cheer the chaps, in flashing chaps,
And cheer for the critters they ride.
The girls barrel race. Their time and space
Are combined and personified.

The lariats smoke, as ropers rope
At the horns, and then at the heels.
Calf horses slide, as their riders glide
To the calf, as he cartwheels.

Kids get their fill, They eat and they swill
Hotdogs, and strawberry pop.
Clouds in the west give rumbling protest.
We're shocked by a lone raindrop.

Each calf's been tied, The re-rides tried.
And here comes a man with a broom.
Back home we'll go, from the rodeo,
Once the kids have hit the bathroom.

Ridin the Bull

Each nose has a burn, We no longer yearn,
To be a part of the rodeo clique.
It's been a thrill, but we've had our fill
Of cowboys.. at least for a week.

Bronc rider

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