Ropin and Ridin by Larry Bradfield
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Ropin and Ridin by Larry Bradfield

Ridin and a Ropin in the Rodeo

He don't have much hope
Of learnin' to rope
Or bein' top hand on the Bar S spread
That lasso don't go
Where he aims to throw
And ropin' a calf is harder than said
Brown and Orange Cowboy Boots

He cain't build a fence
Don't seem to have sense
When it comes to linin' up the post holes
That fence will wander
Both here and yonder
Don't seem no plannin' in settin' them poles

At huntin' for game
He's worse than just lame
He's downright scary with that old long gun
He ain't hit a thing
Since way back last Spring
And he keeps us all 'bout ready to run
Black Cowboy Boots
Tried him at blacksmith
But he ain't good with
The hammers and tongs and tricks of the trade
Tried to shoe a horse
Smashed his thumb of course
The boss made him go and sit in the shade

But bless my old hide
That young kid can ride
And tame anything wild that's got four feet
He'll ride any stud
Or bull with wild blood
And never come close to losin' his seat
Brown and Orange Cowboy Boots

We all bet our pay
That the kid could stay
On any beast that the rodeo had
Well dang me it's true
He stuck just like glue
On everything they had that was bad

We won lots of cash
And drank sour mash
Until the sun come up on the next day
And so he's our friend
We'll all help him when
The small things like ropin' get in the way

Ropin and Ridin by Larry Bradfield
Union County Georgia

Rope this cow.

Video by Steven and Becca

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