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Dang near every Tuesday
I go and watch the sell down at the local sale barn.
I sit with Buster Fell.

Me and Buster, we go way back.
Since kids, well, we been friends.
Buster "n me keeps up on things; politics "n cattle trends.

We never bid on 'em. Don't need nothin', him or me.
Then we eat a bite at Gert's Cafe; Maybe drink a tall ice tea.

Now lately, Clara, she's the wife, she wants to go with me.
Say's she wants to do some shopping with Buster's Anna Lee.

"Whatcha need? I'll get it." First time out I volunteer.
"I just want to do some shopping,"
she says as if she didn't hear.

"For what? I said I'd buy it.Save you a trip to town."
"Buy what? " she says. "Buy what you need," I says 'n sorta frown.

I ask her nice, "What's eatin' you?"
Her control's about to fail.
"It's you and Buster, Gert's Cafe; and the stupid auction sale."

I tells her, "Hon, that's business. You surely savvy that.
I gotta stay on top of things; know where the market's at."

"Do you buy anything?" she says.
"Just supper," I replied.
" It's just like shopping then," she says .
'N I'm plumb mystified.

We patched things up. We hugged. She cried.
But I ain't got a clue of what it is we fought about,

But once a week we two meet Buster and his missus in the sale barn parking lot.
The women they go to town, but by evening they ain't bought
No more 'n me 'n Buster has, 'cept for groceries and stuff,

But they seem to have a high time, which I guess is fair enough.
We all four eats at Gert's Cafe, talk of weddings, showers, and drought,
But I ain't got them women 'n their shopping figgered out.

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