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This Small Town by Tamara Hillman


Urban folks might argue,
we country folks are strange,
but when you’re from a small town
way out here on the range…

You just can’t help enjoyin’
the sunshine in the mornin’,
an’ marvel in the afternoon—
storm clouds gather without warnin’.

The freedom one knows every hour
here in open spaces,
behind a plow, or drivin’ horses
in their leather traces.

Layin’ down your head at night
with full moon shinin’ bright,
listenin’ to the coyotes cry
to sounds heard in the night.

Nobody ‘round to bother
when you take a mornin’ ride,
or stay out way past sunset
to enjoy the evenin’ tide.

The sound of ripples in the stream
is music to your ears,
an’ peace you feel within your heart
will quiet all your fears.

Dances at the old grange hall
where you might find a wife,
then settle where your kinfolk did
the rest of your good life.

No traffic on our main street
causin’ tempers to grow high—
no pavement on our back roads,
so dust might sting your eye.

Feeling safe in town or school
where crime is not a factor,
where boys ‘n girls are not afraid
to drive the family tractor.

Your kids aren’t vandalizin’—
they’re home by ten o’clock,
an’ if they need some quiet time,
they feel free to take a walk.

When sports are held in our school gym,
folks attend them all—
our kids don’t hang out in the streets,
or at the corner mall.

Camaraderie an’ sportsmanship
are taught to every child—
discipline an’ morals kept
so kids won’t just run wild.

The family unit is quite strong—
respect for elders too,
blendin’ generations
who worked the land ‘fore you.

Sunday church is always full
with town folks that you know—
the preacher an’ his ‘Good Book’
warnin’ ‘bout the seeds we sow.

No, I don’t think I envy
folks livin’ in the city,
nor do I let them scorn me,
or on my soul take pity.

I leave the choice to God above.
He put me here on earth…
I reckon this is where I’m meant
to gain my mortal worth.


Tamara Hillman

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