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Team Penning in Kalispell Montana

A contest between Horse and Steer,
with the cowboy/cowgirl along for the ride.

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Three horses and riders blaze across the starting line, heading down the arena toward a herd of 30 cattle. The cattle, each wearing a number from 0 to 9, mill about restlessly. As the riders gallop into the herd, the announcer calls out the number "FOUR! FOUR! FOUR!". The three riders have 90t seconds to cut out from the herd the 3 cattle wearing the number four, drive them to the far end of the arena and "pen" them in a three-sided pen.
As the cattle go through the gate, the "driver" blocks the entrance with his/her horse's body as he/she throws his/her arm in the air to call for time. This is the exciting sport of team penning, a competitive sport which allows anyone to become "cowboys" or "cowgirls" for the day,


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This page was put together with the cooperation of a group of team penners hangin out in Kalispell MT.

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