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A Yankee feller from up North,
having nowhere else to go--
wandered south to meet a gal
who’d set his heart aglow

To his surprise, he met the one
who took his breath away,
an’ knew he’d not be sorry
for their meetin’ on that day

She rode a painted pony
an’ dressed much like a man,
proclaimin’ she could do most things
any cowboy can

She swung a rope above her head
an’ looped a mangy cow,
provin’ with this action;
she certainly knew how

An’ on a buckin’ bronco,
she truly held her own,
with one arm free an’ swingin’,
she tamed ‘im to the bone

At brandin’ dawgies, she was great,
no need to worry there,
for this cowgirl had it mastered,
none other could compare

She strummed her ol’ guitar a bit,
an’ sang a lofty song,
around a campfire blazin’,
amidst the cowboy throng

The Yankee, well, he was impressed,
an’ swore he’d win the girl,
buy her pretty trinkets,
an' set her heart awhirl

But that just weren’t so easy,
she’d been romanced before
by men who were her equal
from out west—not eastern shore

Yearnin’ to fit in her world,
the feller did fall short,
in cowboy hat an’ snake-skin boots,
he made the lady snort

He looked so funny in those duds,
walkin’ with a swagger,
no matter how the man did try,
he’d wobble, an’ he’d stagger

Folks asked what she was doin’
with this Yankee from up north,
but she didn’t have an’ answer
as he trailed her back ‘n forth

How he stole her cowgirl heart,
she couldn’t quite explain,
or where she got the notion
to let him change her name

But as she grew much older,
an’ her mind went wanderin’ back,
the only answer she could give
was, “Opposites attract!”

Poetry by Tamara Hillman - Copyright 2006
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